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2017-18 Higher Ed Data Layout for SAT and SAT Subject Tests Electronic Score Reports | SAT Suite of Assessments – The College Board

This data layout is for use by colleges and scholarship programs to understand the data fields in SAT student score reports. Changes to data fields were made to the layout for the 2017-18 academic year.

SAT Subject Tests – SAT Questionnaire – The College Board

When you register for an SAT Subject Test you’ll be asked to complete a questionnaire so participating colleges and scholarship programs can find you.

SAT Subject Tests – Student Search Service – The College Board

Students taking SAT Subject Tests can opt in to get information on educational and financial aid opportunities from more than 1,200 colleges and scholarships.

SAT Subject Tests – Sending Your Scores: Overview – The College Board

Get the basics on sending SAT Subject Test scores to colleges and scholarship organizations.

SAT Subject Tests – Score Choice – The College Board

Learn about this optional feature that lets you choose the SAT Subject Test scores you send.

SAT Subject Tests – Resource Library for Educators – The College Board

Browse downloads for educators and students including teacher guides and data tables covering test characteristics, prediction, validity and reliability topics.

SAT Subject Tests – Sending Old Scores – The College Board

Did you test over a year ago? You can still send SAT Subject Test scores.

SAT Subject Tests – Fee Waivers – The College Board

If you’re eligible for a fee waiver, you can take SAT Subject Tests for free — and apply free to four colleges.

SAT Subject Tests – Register by Mail – The College Board

Some test-takers must use a paper registration form — see if this means you and explore the requirements.

SAT Subject Tests – How to Register Online – The College Board

Follow these steps to register for SAT Subject Tests online. Start by signing in to your College Board account.

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