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SAT Subject Tests – SAT Questionnaire

When you register for an SAT Subject Test you’ll be asked to complete a questionnaire so participating colleges and scholarship programs can find you.

SAT Subject Tests – Student Search Service

Students taking SAT Subject Tests can opt in to get information on educational and financial aid opportunities from more than 1,200 colleges and scholarships.

SAT Subject Tests – Sending Your Scores: Overview

Get the basics on sending SAT Subject Test scores to colleges and scholarship organizations.

SAT Subject Tests – Score Choice

Learn about this optional feature that lets you choose the SAT Subject Test scores you send.

SAT Subject Tests – Resource Library for Educators

Browse downloads for educators and students including teacher guides and data tables covering test characteristics, prediction, validity and reliability topics.

SAT Subject Tests – Sending Old Scores

Did you test over a year ago? You can still send SAT Subject Test scores.

SAT Subject Tests – Register by Mail

Some test-takers must use a paper registration form — see if this means you and explore the requirements.

SAT Subject Tests – How to Register Online

Follow these steps to register for SAT Subject Tests online. Start by signing in to your College Board account.

SAT Subject Tests – Registration Policies and Requirements

Learn how to choose an ID photo, why not to use a nickname when you register, and other important policies and requirements.

SAT Subject Tests – Getting Your Scores

Find out how and when you can see your SAT Subject Test scores.

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