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SAT Subject Tests – Student Search Service – The College Board

Students taking SAT Subject Tests can opt in to get information on educational and financial aid opportunities from more than 1,200 colleges and scholarships.

What is Student Search Service

Student Search Service is a free program that helps students get connected with colleges, universities and nonprofit scholarship agencies

How Student Search Service Works

Get information on financial aid, scholarships or other ways to make college more affordable.

Living Expense Budget 2017-18 – Financial Aid | Education Professionals – The College Board

Tables showing nine- and twelve-month student living expense costs by region and metropolitan area for 2016-17.

Twelve-Month Academic Year 2017-18 – Living Expense Budget 2017-18 | Education Professionals – The College Board

Table showing low and moderate twelve-month student living expense budgets by region and metropolitan area for 2016-17.

Nine-Month Academic Year 2017-18 – Living Expense Budget 2017-18 | Education Professionals – The College Board

Nine-Month Academic Year 2017-18

Student Search Service | SAT Suite of Assessments – The College Board

The SAT Suite of Assessments provides access to Student Search Service®, making students’ names and select information available to colleges and scholarships.

Eligibility — College Board Search — The College Board

Find out about the eligibility requirments to become a College Board Search user.

CSS/Financial Aid PROFILE Completion Guide

Completion Guide Presentation

Institute on Financial Aid: Faculty — The College Board

Learn about our guest speakers leading this year’s information-packed sessions at the College Board Institute on Financial Aid.

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For Professionals: AP Central

AP Central is the official online home for professionals interested in or involved with the Advanced Placement Program (AP) or Pre-AP strategies.