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SAT Subject Tests – Student Search Service

Students taking SAT Subject Tests can opt in to get information on educational and financial aid opportunities from more than 1,200 colleges and scholarships.

Student Search Service

The SAT Suite of Assessments provides access to Student Search Service®, making students’ names and select information available to colleges and scholarships.

Student Search Service® – Introduce students to higher education and opportunities – The College Board

Student Search Service® connects you with colleges and scholarship programs looking for students like you.

Opt-In – Student Search Service® – The College Board

Nearly 1,700 colleges and scholarship programs use Student Search Service to find students who are a good match for their institution. Opt in so they can find you.

Eligibility — College Board Search — The College Board

Find out about the eligibility requirments to become a College Board Search user.

CSS/Financial Aid PROFILE Completion Guide

Completion Guide Presentation

Connect to Colleges – Student Search Service® –The College Board

Finding the right college can be a challenge, and the College Board is here to help. Student Search Service is a free program that connects you with colleges looking for students like you.

Institute on Financial Aid: Faculty — The College Board

Learn about our guest speakers leading this year’s information-packed sessions at the College Board Institute on Financial Aid.

PROFILE: A Global Application – CSS/Financial Aid PROFILE® | Education Professionals – The College Board

PROFILE can collect income and asset information from international students and provide you with accurate and complete financial information on a schedule that works for your institution.

CSS/Financial Aid PROFILE – Financial Aid | Education Professionals – The College Board

PROFILE provides financial aid officers with complete applicant financial information on a schedule that works for their institution.

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