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AP Central – Education Professionals – The College Board

Course materials, exam information, and professional development opportunities for AP teachers and coordinators.

AP Summer Institute Scholarships

Information and materials for educators on AP courses, exams, professional development and more.

AP Help

Find answers and information to all your AP test and course questions here at the FAQ section.

AP Score Reporting Services

Information about how to view scores, send scores, cancel scores, score withholding and multiple-choice rescore service.

AP Credit and Placement - AP Student - AP and College

See how AP courses can help you achieve your college and university goals

AP Credit and Placement - AP Student - How To Earn Credit For Your Scores

See how AP courses can help you acheive your college and university goals

View Your Scores on AP Exams – The College Board for Students

Sign up for a College Board account to view your AP Exam scores and learn about sending your score report to colleges and earning recognition for your work. Find out about the AP score access schedule for students.

Syllabus Self-Evaluation Checklist

Syllabus Self-Evaluation Checklist The AP curriculum is designed at the local level; just as there is no single model for a good college course, there is no single model for a good AP course. However, while there is no official AP curriculum, all courses labeled "AP" should include...

AP United States History Course Details - AP Student

This is the AP US History course details page with information about the contents of the course. The AP United States History program is designed to provide students with the analytical skills and enduring understandings necessary to deal critically with the problems and materials in United...

AP Credit and Placement - AP Student

See how AP courses can help you acheive your college and university goals

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For Professionals: AP Central

AP Central is the official online home for professionals interested in or involved with the Advanced Placement Program (AP) or Pre-AP strategies.