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Trends in Higher Education - The College Board

A series of research reports and topical analysis briefs designed to provide a foundation of evidence to strengthen policy discussions and decisions.

Assessment Data and Program Research – The College Board

beginning of content: College Board Research The Research department actively supports the College Board mission. Learn More Research Publications on ERIC Request Data for Research Validate Admission and Placement Policies with ACES™ Site Topics About Research Learn about how the...

Understand the Class of 2017 Results | AP Results: Class of 2017

beginning of content: Understand the Class of 2017 Results Read about the class of 2017 results and what the data show. Start Here Read the Press Release Learn More About AP See 2017 SAT Suite of Assessments Results Section Topics Overview Get a summary of the 2017 results and see...

AP Computer Science Expansion | AP Results: Class of 2017

Our newest course makes computer science accessible. Learn more.

Class of 2017 | AP Results: Class of 2017

See detailed performance and participation data for the 2017 cohort.

Overview | AP Results: Class of 2017

Get a summary of the 2017 results and see data highlights.

ESSA And Low-Income Students | AP Results: Class of 2017

Learn how states are planning to fund AP Exams for low-income students under ESSA.

Expanding AP Access | AP Results: Class of 2017

Each year, more U.S. students take, and do well on, AP Exams. See the data.

AP Computer Science Principles – Class of 2016 AP Program Results – The College Board

Learn about the launch of AP Computer Science Principles, the goals of this new AP course, and how two states are supporting AP CSP.

Explore the Data – Class of 2016 AP Program Results – The College Board

Charts showing the percentage of students in the class of 2016 who scored 3 or higher on an AP Exam, by state, and the progress made toward these figures.

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