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Trends in Higher Education - The College Board

A series of research reports and topical analysis briefs designed to provide a foundation of evidence to strengthen policy discussions and decisions.

Research – The College Board

Through our research and mission-driven support for our programs, Research works to ensure that College Board programs and services are refined and effective.

AP Program Results: Class of 2016 – The College Board

Explore Advanced Placement Program (AP) participation and performance results for U.S. public school students in the 2016 graduating class.

AP Computer Science Principles – Class of 2016 AP Program Results – The College Board

Learn about the launch of AP Computer Science Principles, the goals of this new AP course, and how two states are supporting AP CSP.

Explore the Data – Class of 2016 AP Program Results – The College Board

Charts showing the percentage of students in the class of 2016 who scored 3 or higher on an AP Exam, by state, and the progress made toward these figures.

District Success Stories – Class of 2016 AP Program Results – The College Board

Explore how two districts worked to increase AP participation in their schools in 2016, and see AP teacher and student stories.

Expanding AP Access – Class of 2016 AP Program Results – The College Board

Explore data showing how AP has maintained quality while expanding, and information on ways to identify more students who are ready for AP.

ESSA and Low-Income Students – Class of 2016 AP Program Results – The College Board

View trends in the number of low-income students participating and succeeding in AP, and explore funding options available to offset the cost of AP Exams.

Overview – Class of 2016 AP Program Results – The College Board

A summary of the class of 2016 AP program results including data highlights.

Class of 2016 SAT Results – 2016 SAT Suite Program Results – The College Board

Report showing total SAT participation and mean scores for the class of 2016, and how grade inflation in high school has increased over the past few decades.

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