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News and tips to help you on your way to college.

SAT International Registration

The SAT is offered internationally in most countries at least six times each year. Explore international dates, deadlines, and registration info for the new SAT.

SAT International Registration Fees

Explore SAT registration fees for international test-takers, including non-U.S. regional fees, SAT score services fees, and other charges.

SAT International Representatives

International representatives provide a number of services for SAT test registrants in their home countries including in-language customer service and more.

SAT International Registration Policies

Explore additional policies and requirements international students may have to fulfill to register or take the test.

Canceling SAT Scores

If you feel that you didn't do your best on the SAT, you have a few days to cancel your scores.

Getting SAT Scores

Learn when SAT scores come out for your test date, and how to view your score report.

How the SAT Is Scored

A lot happens to ensure that your test is scored fairly and accurately. Learn about scanning and analysis, essay scoring, conversion to a scaled score, and more.

Sending SAT Scores

Learn how to send your SAT scores to colleges and how to choose which scores to send.

How to Send SAT Scores

Most colleges require applicants to ask the College Board to send them official SAT score reports directly. Learn about how to arrange to send your scores.

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