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ACCUPLACER National Conference - The College Board

The ACCUPLACER National Conference offers sessions and training on using credit-by-exam programs and placement tests to help students succeed in college.

Welcome to ACCUPLACER – The College Board

Learn about ACCUPLACER college placement tests, which evaluate students' skills in reading, writing, and math to assess their preparedness for college courses.

About – ACCUPLACER – The College Board

Learn about how ACCUPLACER can be used to evaluate students’ skills in reading, writing, and mathematics, and provide immediate and precise results.

Accurate Placement – ACCUPLACER – The College Board

Learn how ACCUPLACER addresses the challenge of placement.

Ivy Tech Community College Order Form – ACCUPLACER – The College Board

ACCUPLACER Home For Students Student Practice Taking the Test Inside the Test About ACCUPLACER Why ACCUPLACER Accurate Placement Multiple Weighted Measures Personalized Intervention Next-Generation ACCUPLACER Resources and Support General Resources and Support Training...

Case Studies – ACCUPLACER – The College Board

Learn how other institutions have used ACCUPLACER to improve placement.

Multiple Weighted Measures – ACCUPLACER – The College Board

Learn about multiple-weighted measures and how ACCUPLACER makes it easy to use them in placement decisions.

Next-Generation ACCUPLACER FAQs – The College Board

Find answers to your questions about next-generation ACCUPLACER.

Personalized Intervention – ACCUPLACER – The College Board

Use ACCUPLACER//MyFoundationsLab’s diagnostic tests and intervention strategies to help students gain the skills and knowledge they’ll need in college.

Professional Resources – ACCUPLACER – The College Board

Explore ACCUPLACER guides, videos, and support materials for educators.

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