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Welcome to ACCUPLACER – The College Board

Learn about ACCUPLACER college placement tests, which evaluate students' skills in reading, writing, and math to assess their preparedness for college courses.

ACCUPLACER 2018 National Conference - The College Board

The ACCUPLACER National Conference offers sessions and training on using credit-by-exam programs and placement tests to help students succeed in college.

Microsoft PowerPoint - ACCUPLACER CSP March 2017

Thank you for joining this session about ACCUPLACER Computer Skills Placement exams, also know as CSP. 1 2 Gone are the days when typing and word processing skills were the only computer skills needed by a college student. Computer literacy has become a critical component of college and...

Microsoft PowerPoint - ACCUPLACER ESL March 2017

Today’s session will provide a basic overview of the ACCUPLACER ESL suite of assessments. 1 ACCUPLACER ESL is a set of computer‐adaptive, untimed tests that enables you to test students quickly and efficiently across a wide range of abilities. The ESL tests can be administered separately...

Microsoft PowerPoint - ACCUPLACER Policy Development March 2017

Welcome to the session on ACCUPLACER Policy Development. This session will touch upon common policy decisions an institution may encounter during the development or reevaluation of a placement program. This session will highlight functionality available within the ACCUPLACER platform to assist...

Microsoft PowerPoint - ACCUPLACER Proctoring March 2017

Welcome to this session on ACCUPLACER Proctoring—Steps to Administer and Resume a Test Session. This session is intended to provide an overview of administering an online ACCUPLACER test as a Proctor or Proctor Reporter and can be used by Institutional Administrators and Site Managers to train...

Microsoft PowerPoint - ACCUPLACER Reliability Validity March 2017

1 In this session we will review standard definitions of reliability and validity and discuss the Admitted Class Evaluation Service. We will clarify key aspects to the ACES student and review the results of Met‐Analysis of several ACES studies from 2001‐2006. If test scores are used to make...

Microsoft PowerPoint - ACCUPLACER Reports March 2017

Thank you for viewing this presentation on ACCUPLACER Reports. Remember that you can pause the video using the controls at the bottom of your window. 1 Here is the agenda for our presentation. We will discuss: • The Types of Reports available in ACCUPLACER • The levels of data access...

Microsoft PowerPoint - ACCUPLACER WritePlacer March 2017

1 The ACCUPLACER WritePlacer series assesses student writing skills so that you can place students in the appropriate courses. Responses are instantly and reliably scored online by the Intelligent Essay Assessor, a platform that uses artificial intelligence to score write samples and...

Microsoft PowerPoint - Multiple Measures March 2017

Including Multiple Measures in a Placement Program by Employing ACCUPLACER Functionality 1 First, a little context for this presentation. 2 An older model of course placement emphasized the test scores, often to the exclusion of any other information. Students took placement tests,...

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